Yet another Bangkok visa run

Yet another Bangkok visa run

I’ve spent the last three days in Bangkok because of a visa issue (again), as my work permit renewal is taking longer than expected and I have to bridge the gap between the old and new work permits on a short-term business visa. Well, there’s worse.

While Bangkok’s metropolitan area is significantly smaller than Ho Chi Minh City’s (14.6 million VS 21.3 million people), its city core is much denser and more developed than Ho Chi Minh City’s. As a result, I love diving into the concrete jungle and discovering and experiencing the well-developed public transportation and infrastructure between the canyons of buildings – and visiting one or another supertall construction site.

As a result, I focused almost exclusively on the architectural impressions and postponed experiencing the culture, nightlife, and food until my next visit 🤓

Bangkok’s concrete jungle

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