Travel back in time with these SimCity 2000 remixes

Travel back in time with these SimCity 2000 remixes

Sometimes all you need to relive the good old days of 90’s gaming is some nostalgic midi music, like the OST of 1993‘s SimCity 2000, directed by Will Wright and Fred Haslam at Maxis and composed by Brian Conrad, Sue Kasper and Justin McCormick. Sure, these midi sounds may be a little shrill and tinny, but they’re also full of memories, emotions, and feelings. SimCity 2000’s music accompanied me throughout my childhood, fueling my fascination with city-building sims and architecture, and inspiring me to build (and destroy) countless cities.

Thanks to a user named Cromabianca on Simtropolis – the largest online hub for all SimCity things – we now have access to a few epic remixes of SimCity 2000’s classic tracks. These remixes take the game’s original midi-like sound to a whole new level with modern touches and funky beats. It’s retro charm at its finest (acoustically inspired by the Playstation version of SC2000), and it’s perfect for anyone who loves classic city-building games. I’m tempted to dust off my old copy of SimCity 2000, start paving the lush green brown landscape with concrete, tar, and steel, and enjoy some fresh beats. And let the earth tremble. Let the river burst its banks. Let the fires roar. And a robot spider rage…

If only old is gold for you, you can download the original midi soundtrack for the PC-DOS version of SimCity 2000 from and pimp your phone alarm or TikTok postings. And with that, I leave you with playlists of remastered and classic SimCity 2000 tracks. What are you waiting for? Start Dosbox, type “FUND” and build some epic cities!

New hotness: SimCity 2000 Music Remastered

Old and busted: SimCity 2000 Music

Hero image: SimCity OG Box Art. from Reddit.

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