Time-lapse construction of the Shenzhen Citymark Center (388m, 70fl)

Time-lapse construction of the Shenzhen Citymark Center (388m, 70fl)

Remarkable CGI time-lapse video made by Shenzhen Dans Digital Technology on the preparation and construction of the 388-meter tall (70-story) Shenzhen Citymark Center. The construction of the tower began in 2018, culminated in 2021, and is scheduled to open in early 2023. Although the Shenzhen Citymark Center looks like a copy of the Hong Kong International Commerce Centre, its sleek, postmodern design blends superbly into Shenzhen’s futuristic skyline.

Dans Digital pays homage to this architectural landmark by bringing its construction to life in a soaring flight with great attention to detail and changing lighting. The video shows the development from the groundbreaking to the official opening, including the actual construction process. At first glance, it looks like a time-lapse video made from real footage, while a closer look reveals a sophisticated mix of real and CGI footage.

One of the best marketing videos for a building, in my opinion. It’s worth a look – and be sure to check out Dans Digital’s other CGI creations.



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