SimCity 2000 remix: Tax & Money + Dawn of the City = SimCity.wave II

SimCity 2000 remix: Tax & Money + Dawn of the City = SimCity.wave II

What happens if you mix two completely different midi songs of a game from the last millennium and enhance them with synthesizer sounds and a snazzy beat? Well, you either get terrible sounding noise — or a discordant-harmonic sounding musical fusion.

YouTuber ako dared to experiment, mixed two songs from the 1993 city-building simulation SimCity 2000, conceived and developed by design legend Will Wright at Maxis, and created something, well, unexpected. The tracks Tax and Money and Dawn of the City sound completely different when heard on their own and therefore spread different vibes, but brought together and extended with some “artistic creativity” they result in an acoustic mixture that truly awakens several nostalgic memories at once. Ako named this interesting mix “SimCity.wave II”, as it is the second song of his little EP “SimCity.Wave” with some more SimCity 2000 remixes, that are available on YouTube, Spotify, or Bandcamp.

Don’t get disappointed the first time you listen to it. The song may need a few tries until it gets into your ear, but then it nests there and doesn’t want to leave anymore.

SimCity.wave II (Tax and Money / Dawn of the City) [vaporwave / IDM / Jazz]

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