Just another Vietnamese pop song: Why not? by Trúc Nhân

Just another Vietnamese pop song: Why not? by Trúc Nhân

Sometimes things happen very fast: I ran into my local GS25 grocery store to get some sandwiches and a Coke, and bang, there was a catchy song playing in the background that immediately lodged itself in my brain and haunted it as a catchy tune from then on. Although it was released in December 2022, I can’t remember hearing Why not? by Trúc Nhân anywhere before. Not in stores, not in commercials, not on TikTok and YouTube, not on Zing MP3. But now that I’ve fallen for the song’s charm and listened to it over and over again, I encounter it everywhere. Girlfriends and boyfriends play it on their smartphones, it plays in commercials in elevators, in street cafes, in shopping malls, at karaoke, and of course everywhere on TikTok. Personally, I don’t think it’s bad at all, because yeah, I like the song, no matter how mainstream it is. It challenges common stereotypes, celebrates being different, and encourages you to stand up for your personality, your identity, and between the lines, even your sexuality. Be who you are and act like you feel. Because why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So dare to give the song a chance and listen to it. Because why not?

Trúc Nhân x Mew Amazing ft Thùy Tiên, Tiến Linh – Why not? (Official M/V)

Hero image: screenshot from Why not? by Trúc Nhân.

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