I have moved. Or: same same but different

I have moved. Or: same same but different

After two difficult days of looking for an apartment, everything happened very quickly: overnight, I found a new apartment and moved in immediately. But it was different from what I had in mind: First, I considered moving to a new neighborhood to avoid any possible monotony. Accordingly, I looked at apartments in modern residential buildings on the 41st, 36th, and 31st floors, with each house having a pool, gym, and park included.

But it turned out that another apartment was available in the same complex where I had lived until now. Even in the same building, just on a different floor. Excellent, because I loved the current location (with its pool, park, and gym) and its immediate surroundings. So I came, saw, signed, and moved from one floor to the next in an elevator the next day. It was the most relaxed move of my life so far.

The result: same-same but different; in particular, the views from the master bedroom and balcony received visible improvements 🤩

Nice view (with background music from the nearby school)

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